• Google streetview added
  • Listing subcategories can now be featured.
  • Discount codes can now be advertised on the comparison page.
  • A discount code can now be automatically be set via a URL/link.
  • Site links addon now allows alternate urls for the link, listing, and if inactive.
  • Email lists can now be filtered based on if the owner has an active order/product.
  • Listing hours can now have multiple time spans per day, displayed properly.
  • Phone views, email views, and shares added to user statistics display.
  • Event count added to user dashboard.
  • Blog posts now have an author field.
  • Blog posts can now be attached to listings.
  • "Open 24 Hours" option added to listing hours.
  • "Add to Calendar" option for iCal and Google Calendar added to events.


  • Fix review rating ID not being updated when an end user updates a review
  • Fix several issues with events dates display for recurring events
  • Fix custom page caching issues
  • Events now use coordinates for the map, if available.
  • Listing "Other Category" links/urls fixed.
  • Event images fixed.
  • Fix users not being able to be removed from email lists.
  • Fix custom field display for listing images and documents.
  • Fix paging on classifieds pages.
  • Fix statistics out of order display.
  • Fix listing owner email notification when a review is approved.


  • Listing hours display on input forms updated to be more mobile friendly
  • Contact page canonical URL added. ┬áNofollow added to "Report" listing links.
  • Current classified no longer shown in "Other Classifieds" section
  • Tax rates can now have 3 decimal digits.
  • AddThis sharing code added to single template file for easier management.
  • Blog friendly URL added as a setting.
  • AlertPay renamed to Payza
  • Twilio API updated

Monday, June 12, 2017

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