• Jobs
  • Additional listing locations
  • Classified Categories
  • Listing logo backgrounds/header images
  • Classified export to PDF
  • Print classifieds
  • XML sitemap manager
  • Classifieds contact forms
  • Autocomplete search on homepage
  • Content blocks and zones
  • User groups can now be assigned as admins, advertisers, or users/visitors
  • Events category search
  • Moderation can be disabled per user
  • Linked listings allowing listings to be associated together
  • Text select custom field type added
  • BCC field added to email templates
  • Favorited listings now send email updates when updated
  • Custom fields can now be added to documents/images
  • Static "blog" URL value can now be set by a setting
  • Selection limit setting added for custom fields
  • Item limits for external feeds
  • Control panel maintenance page loading time improved
  • Classifeids added to control panel quick search
  • Filter by product when exporting listings


  • Fix geolocation autofill
  • Fix event end date display
  • Fix whole site SSL issues


  • Bootstrap framework updated
  • PHP version 5.6+ required
  • MySQL 5.5+ required
  • ionCube 5+ required
  • reCaptcha updated to v2
  • Twilio API library and usage updated
  • Yelp reviews updated to use v2 API
  • Command line interface added for syncing the database
  • Font Awesome updated
  • Advanced search icon added to business template
  • PayPal modules updated for SSL
  • Optimizations including additional caching
  • Authorize.net URL updated to new URL
  • IPB login module updated to use new encryption method
  • OneAll API updated to latest version
  • AreYouHuman capture service removed
  • TCPDF library updated
  • SwiftMailer library updated to 5.4.1

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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