Version 1.5.0 includes a new default template, massive SEO improvements, and much more!

We are also introducing a new pricing structure and hosted version.

Price Changes
Our prices have changed.  Our prices have remained the same for the past 8 years.  In order to remain competitive and to simplify our pricing, we have adjusted our pricing to correlate with the 1.5.0 release.

Product/Service Old Price New Price
License $99.95 $140.00
Extra License $49.95 $70.00
Download Renewal $29.95 $45.00
Professional Installation $29.95 $30.00
Upgrade Service $29.95 $30.00
Discount Codes Addon $29.95 $10.00
Blog Addon $29.95 $10.00
Link Checker Addon $29.95 $10.00
Unbranded Control Panel $99.95 $75.00
Website Screenshots Addon $19.95 Included for Free
Site Links Addon $19.95 Included for Free
Zip Code Database Addon $29.95 Included for Free
FAQ Addon $14.95 Included for Free
License Ownership Transfer $19.95 $20.00

If a price has been lowered and was purchased within the last 3 months, please contact us to receive a credit.

We will also be holding a 45 day sale on licenses, extra licenses, and download renewals for 40% off while this pricing transition takes place.

Use code "NewPricing" to receive this discount.

Important Addon Updates

In an effort to simplify our pricing, the following addons are now included in 1.5 at no additional cost:

  • Website Screenshots
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Site Links
  • Zip Codes Download
phpMyDirectory license holders who have purchased the above addons in the last 3 months AND who are upgrading to 1.5 may contact us to receive a 100% credit to use for additional services once the 1.5 upgrade is completed.

New Hosted Version
We now offer a hosted version of phpMyDirectory.  This version offers a turn-key instant/automatic installation and includes a full featured hosting package.

The advantages of the hosted version include:

  • All addons are included.
  • Download access is included in the monthly fee.
  • Installation is included and is instant/automatic.
  • Upgrade Service (one per domain name) is included in the monthly fee.
The hosted version is available for $35/month.


  • New redesigned HTML5 Responsive default template (uses the Bootstrap 3 framework) 
  • New "Business" template (also HTML5/responsive)
  • PHP 5.3 is now required
  • Listing social links added
  • Directory social follow links added
  • IE7 no longer officially supported
  • Send Registration Email option added to importer.
  • Similar username and passwords are now refused
  • User profile images can now be rebuilt similar to logos.
  • Blog search
  • Twitter Cards
  • Open Graph META tags
  • Rich snippets for listings, classifieds, reviews.
  • Bulk rechecking of failed links
  • Bulk resending of reciprocal failed email to individual links
  • URL custom field type added
  • Popular listing sidebox now sorted by the last weeks impressions
  • Viewing the public listing is now easier from the control panel
  • Google map icons now support more numbers/locations
  • Banner setting added to force a banner to display on all pages or not
  • Added recently updated listings view/filter to control panel
  • Pending contract requests now shown on control panel summary
  • Cloudmade geocoding now supported
  • Administrator notified of new blog comments
  • WePay payment processor added
  • Banned Phrases are now supported
  • Map added to user summary page in the control panel
  • ShrinkTheWeb now supported for website screenshots
  • User/listing preview bubbles in control panel when hovering over a name or title
  • Users can now subscribe to blog posts and notifications of new comments
  • Option added to prevent duplicate website URLs
  • Listing details are pre-populated from user account data when adding a new listing
  • Dynamic SEO settings added for listings, listing sub pages, categories, locations, and classifieds.
  • Logo upload setting to allow an image to be used for Open Graph, Twitter Cards, etc.
  • Most image upload forms now have a image URL option.
  • Location setup wizard now allows the setting of the field labels.
  • Force users to complete their profile or agree to the terms if required information is missing.
  • Added clear cache option in control panel
  • Added new "After Order Activated" email schedule
  • Ratings categories allowing different sets of rating criteria
  • Listing map icons can now be customized based on which category the listing belongs to
  • Mailchimp integration/syncing and email marketing framework to support other services
  • Product pricing may now be activated/deactivated and hidden.
  • Improved fields in the control panel for easier use (unlimited checkboxes and tags input fields)
  • Reviews can now be shared (social icons)
  • Owner responses to reviews are now flagged and easier to find
  • Search engine verification settings added
  • Memcache support
  • Categories can now be limited to specific products
  • Category titles and menu links are now multilingual (can be translated into more than one language)
  • User index dashboard added
  • User listing dashboard added
  • Users can now view reviews they have submitted from their user area
  • Search impressions can now be exported
  • Adding setting to completely disable META keywords
  • Added map view page
  • Added user profile search
  • Listings can now be found by email in the quick search
  • Auto complete category/location search added below the expanding category/location trees on forms
  • Stripe payment gateway added
  • Payfast payment gateway added
  • Setcom SID payment gateway added
  • Users may now copy one of their existing listings
  • Added Google Publisher tags/support
  • Images are now paged
  • Reciprocal link site links popup now available when adding/editing a listing that requires a reciprocal link
  • Reciprocal link error message shown in user area if the reciprocal link fails
  • API foundation added with the ability to add custom API resources.
  • API IP address and username/key security settings added
  • Template blocks - display template blocks (previously sideboxes) in any template file not just wrapper.tpl


  • Expired classifieds and their images are no longer accessible by their direct URLs
  • Disabled email templates no longer queued
  • Fixed invoice PDF transaction overlapping
  • Lists now style properly in listing descriptions
  • Fixed scenario where a new user IP address may now be recorded properly
  • Viewing listings without coordinates fixed
  • Improved plugin caching
  • Short word special characters searching fixed
  • Videos in the HTML editor fixed
  • Expired classifieds no longer show on the sitemap
  • Custom email templates no longer deleted when upgrading
  • Fixed 0.00 invoices issue
  • Fixed free listing renewal date issues
  • QR codes now print properly
  • Fixed email validation to support new domain name extensions


  • Updated jQuery mobile to latest version and updated template accordingly
  • reCaptcha settings can now be defined in the header.tpl file if needed.
  • compare.tpl may now be styled individually by memberships or grouped columns (old method)
  • Added listing "Submit and Reload" button in the control panel
  • Listing statistics CSV download featured merged into the listing export tool
  • Category/location friendly URLs may now be imported.
  • Improved performance of database table checking in control panel maintenance area
  • Control panel template updated to use Bootstrap 3
  • Moved more HTML to template files
  • Improved search caching/grouping
  • Removed Yahoo/Google spellchecking options as the services have been shut down.
  • Updated HTMLPurifier, SwiftMailer, TCPDF, jQuery, jQuery UI, and CKEditor

Monday, April 14, 2014

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