v1.3.3 implements a new blog addon, cancellation requests, and improved stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Google maps marker is now displayed properly in the admin area coordinates selector.
  • Fixed location sorting
  • Remember me feature fixed.  Was not adhering to admin setting.
  • Banner type label in admin banner manager fixed.
  • The listing website is now displayed properly in the vCard.
  • PayPal fixes.
  • CRON now runs on schedule more closely (performance improved)
  • Listing category/locations counts improved/fixed
  • Fixed banner linking issues
  • Fixed password strength meter display issue on user edit account form
  • Invoice email now sends when a user changes their order
  • One time discounts no longer apply to recurring invoices.
  • Free order renewing fixed.
  • Tax level 2 now properly gets passed to payment gateways.
  • Banner type validation fixed when a user adds a banner.


  • Content Delivery Network option added (set a CDN URL in defaults.php)
  • New blog addon added.  Manage posts, categories, and comments.
  • Cancellation request queue added.  Allows users a way to request their order/listing be canceled.
  • Mailer now populates user variables for testing if "Send Copy to" field matches a user account.
  • Added "Submit and Continue" button to admin template editor.
  • New thumbnail provider added (PageGlimpse removed)
  • Listing name now displayed on admin reviews list
  • An invoice can now be added to an existing order.
  • Review helpfulness is now counted in real time.
  • Added paging to reviews.


  • Added line ending setting to auto detect line endings when importing zip codes for MAC users
  • Category/location short descriptions now available as a variable in search result templates
  • Sitemap no longer includes empty category/locations
  • Fixed PDF generation issue on some specific web servers.
  • Canonical URL now uses the full category/location URL when browsing.
  • Multiple small SEO fixes (filled in title tags, etc)
  • *signature* variable now works in mailer.
  • Improved XHTML
  • on_page function now allows paths
  • Friendly URL rewriting is now consistent and characters are converted automatically.
  • Ratings count now available in results template.
  • Google translate now can use a google API key and also sends the user IP address and referrer to prevent being blocked.

Monday, January 24, 2011

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