v1.3.1 contains several new features and improves stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Special characters are now converted properly if upgrading from v11 or v10.
  • Invoice dates are now correct when importing from v11.
  • Page number CSS updated to add spacing to the page numbers on search results
  • Reviews with HTML are now properly escaped
  • Fancybox popup images not appearing in IE6+7 fixed.
  • Formatting issues (extra BR tags) with the HTML editor fixed.
  • Authorize.net payment modules customer ID error fixed.
  • Custom invoices not being able to be payed fixed
  • SWF banner errors and image formats not supported producing errors fixed
  • Backup manager now shows proper last backup date
  • Invoice balance now show the proper sign (+/-) in email templates
  • Mailer variables fixed
  • Fixed PDF map display
  • Fixed redirection issues
  • Transaction, invoice, and order gateway names display issues fixed.


  • If anonymous reviews are allowed a name field is now available for visitors to enter their name.
  • If anonymous reviews are allowed a log in link is displayed on the submit review page.
  • Review comments are now viewable in the administrative area.
  • Comment count added to reviews list in administrative area.
  • Added pending comment count to admin area statistics
  • Ratings now record the date when they were added
  • New comment status setting added
  • New review status setting added
  • Added setting allowing profile images to be enlarged
  • Password strength meter added for user add/edit forms.
  • 404.tpl template file added for customization of 404 errors.
  • Exclusive or Inclusive tax option added.
  • Banners, images, and documents are now deleted from listings if the listing's membership is changed to a membership which does not allow these features.
  • Custom user fields can now be used in the invoice print templates.
  • If the default country is USA or United States we now automatically enable state code conversion for searches.
  • Notification added to admin invoice transaction add form
  • Location searching improved
  • Locations and categories can now accept a URL for the small and large images
  • Banners can now have a title to better identify them
  • Tax exempt and disable overdue reminders settings added.
  • Categories can now be set when adding/editing custom fields.
  • The listing friendly URL can now be imported
  • Custom pages can now be activated/deactivated, have custom title tags, and custom template files.


  • LOGGED_IN global variable added.
  • First page numbers are no longer included in the URL to prevent duplicate content with search engines.
  • HTML Editor now uses "controlset" CSS style for its wrapper DIV
  • Listing Reviews link added to "Listings" tab in administrative area.
  • Order status change email is now sent when a user upgrades and the order is set to pending until they pay
  • Invoice balance now displayed on the invoice payment summary page
  • The search log and email queue logs are now automatically cleaned

Friday, October 8, 2010

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