v1.2.1 contains several new features and improves stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error from being logged in the error log when a user tries to update a listing with no categories selected.
  • Fixed syntax error when viewing listing reviews
  • Fixed SQL error when upgrading from 1.1.7 or below to 1.2.x
  • Fixed URL encoding issues causing some redirects to not redirect properly
  • Fixed screenshots addon to write to the proper folders.
  • Fixed errors when adding/editing classifieds.
  • Fixed URLs for classifieds and classified images.
  • Fixed sitemap and website screenshot CRON issues.
  • Fixed download link in the automatic language translator.
  • Fixed "View Public Listing" link inside user area when viewing an order.
  • Fixed price rounding error on invoices.
  • Fixed display of installer form fields in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed "Rebuild Images" maintenance feature from deleting categories.
  • Fixed issue when searching phrases using the "/" character.
  • Fixed syntax error when a form field is validated for length.
  • Fixed syntax error when SWF/Flash banners are displayed.
  • Fixed v10.4.6 and v11.04.00 importer error on step #6.
  • Fixed updating existing product pricing when editing a product pricing level.
  • Fixed search cache issue where sorting of results was not maintained.
  • Fixed listing PDF error when google maps is enabled.
  • Fixed email templates sometimes using the wrong language in email templates.
  • Fixed "Show 10, 20, 50, 100" page numbers which did not work on certain pages
  • Fixed deleting of orders when using the checkbox on the list of orders.
  • Fixed error appearing in the error log when radio form fields are displayed.
  • Fixed issues editing and deleting language variables that have the same name.
  • Fixed issue causing same name language variables from not appearing in language phrase searches.
  • Fixed duplicate submit button on the language find and replace page.
  • Fixed issue where submit button would not appear when $0.00 invoices were processed.
  • Fixed remote banners from not displaying.


  • "admin_index" hook added.
  • "template_header_begin" hook added.
  • "user_index_end", "user_index_begin", and "user_index_authenticated" hooks added.
  • "template_setup_begin" and "template_setup_end" hooks added. ("template_setup" hook removed)
  • Exporting a language now includes all of that languages phrases and default phrases for easier translation.
  • User registration and edit form now uses a countries drop down.
  • Added tax and tax rate to PDF invoices and improved alignment.
  • Authorize.net payment gateway module now allows selection of which credit cards to accept.
  • Link checker addon admin area now properly tracks links if an alternate reciprocal link field is used.  Dead links are now also tracked better for all listings.
  • Updated plugin interface allowing easier installation, uninstallation, enabling, disabling, and editing of plugins.  New interface includes plugin file editor.


  • Removed H1 tags from all boxes/sideboxes except the main content box.
  • Resolved XHTML validation issues
  • Category and location names now have whitespace trimmed to prevent duplicate inserts.
  • Error handler is no longer triggered on servers where the error_log function is disabled (rare)
  • The admin area header height has been decreased and style tweaked.
  • Added code commenting to several files
  • Screenshots now show in a popup when hovering over the "Visit Website" link even if a logo has not been uploaded. (website screenshots addon required)
  • CRON report now reports an easier to understand number for the amount of listing coordinates not updated.
  • Fixed default template white background behind form fields in Internet Explorer.
  • Tweaked default template CSS to properly center sidebox titles that also display an RSS icon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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