v1.1.9 contains several new features and improves stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Issues when adding banners from the admin area fixed.
  • Banner display issues fixed.
  • Order status change issues fixed.
  • Browsing categories/locations issue fixed.
  • Date formatting issues fixed.
  • Admin invoice PDF formatting fixed.
  • Next due date on orders list display fixed.
  • Site links display fixed.
  • PayPalPro syntax error fixed.
  • Adding custom email templates issues fixed.
  • CRON database backup error fixed.
  • Timezone now properly sets time.
  • Plugin priorities and hook running improved/fixed.
  • Duplicate & characters when paging results fixed.
  • Fixed issue when trying to move locations.
  • Fixed moneybookers to properly mark invoices as paid.
  • Fixed 2checkout to properly mark invoices as paid.
  • Fixed sitemap IE display issue
  • Broken image icons in IE for offers fixed.
  • Listing claim custom fields now properly show descriptions.
  • Custom field deleting fixed.
  • SWF files now properly handled for banners.
  • Pro-rating now properly calculates the next due date.


  • Added phpfox2 login module.
  • Latitude and Longitude added to exporter.
  • Plugins may now be loaded from .zip files.
  • Added "Renewable" setting to product pricing.
  • Claimed listings no longer show the claim link.
  • Custom settings can now be added.
  • Password reminder URL setting added for login modules.
  • Error message now displayed if no payment gateways are enabled when a user tries to pay an invoice.
  • GTBillQuickPay payment gateway added.
  • More options to orders list added (set status/send notification)


  • User information is now available as a variable in user_index.tpl
  • Invoice dates no longer include the time (not needed).
  • "nofollow" added to several links in listing_default.tpl
  • Replaced 'overlib' javascript library with jQuery plugin.
  • Removed object variables to lessen memory usage.
  • Removed usage of Xajax on front end.  Replaced with jQuery.
  • Improved loading of javascript files.
  • Removed usage of DHTML grid for categories and locations in the admin area.  Custom jQuery grid now used to improve performance and cross-browser display.
  • Invoice descriptions now generated consistently.

Monday, January 4, 2010

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